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I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone. I am pleased to tell everyone that this is our 3rd newly designed web site since I started my business in 2005. Since our last new BTM web site launch in 2008, I have personally watched a handful of web design start up companies come into the market, and just as quickly left the market. It's been 16 years and BTM continues it's growth both in the web design and marketing fields. My goals are the same as they have been since day 1, offer every customer a high quality product, at a very competitive price, and above all make them part of the BTM family. While other companies view customers as clients, I have always viewed each person as a BTM family member, because I was raised and believe that family comes first.




Take your time and check out our web site and I'm sure you will find something that catches your eye. You might be ready for a new web site design, or in the market for some of the highest quality driver/photo/hero cards that you will ever see. Maybe you have a web site already and just need to order some business cards, once again BTM will provide you with the the best material that is on the market, because your first impression that you make with a possible new customer happens when you hand them your business card. The worst thing you can ever do is use a business card that you printed off of your at home color printer, nobody is going to have faith in your company when they get handed a card that is paper thin, and worse then that the ink rubs off in their hand.




BTM continues to provide Marketing plans for not only area racing teams, but over the past 16 years we have put together a number of winning solutions to


small business owners that have changed not only the way they looked at their business, but more to the point, we changed how much more money is now coming into their business. Some things in the business world have worked and have been in place for hundreds of years, but with technology that changes by the day, so does the way you have to look at your business.



When you are ready to join the BTM family, we will be here ready to welcome you!

Thank you, Blake Tobias






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