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Blake Tobias is a Berks County native, growing up in Exeter Township. His parents house is still located about 8 miles away from one of the greatest dirt tracks in history, the famed 1/2 mile oval forever known as The Reading Fairgrounds.  Blake has been actively involved with both local dirt and pavement racing for over 44 years, he has also has been a fan of racing for 49 plus years and counting. Tobias still lives in Berks County today and has been happily married for 27 years.   

In 1978 Blake and his older brother Mark purchased their first racing Kart, and they traded off seat time over the next few seasons. By 1981 Blake was hitting many different tracks and racing in both the WKA, and IKF ranks. Tobias became a well respected kart hot shoe, and was one driver who would always lend a hand to a fellow competitor. Blake could be found behind the wheel of one of his race karts at Shellhammers Speedway in Leesport, PA. on Saturday night, or Sundays at the Oreville kart club in Topton, PA. Tobias also liked running at Park City, Port Royal, Mifflintown, Oakland Valley, and at all the National races held at the Family Grand Prix in Leesport, Pa.

In September 1988 Blake married his longtime high school sweetheart Wendy Nye. In 1989 Blake became the proud father of a beautiful baby girl that the couple would name Brittany Ann Tobias. Being a parent changed many things, but Tobias carefully juggled being a parent right along with continuing to race karts each weekend locally at Shellhammer's, and Oreville.  

Blake retired as a driver in 1991, and decided to open up his own kart shop. During this time he realized that it was important to keep his name involved both on the track as well as off of the track to make his business successful. Blake owned and maintained karts for various winning drivers such as Dave Sharpley Jr. (who currently is the Chief Mechanic for Danica Patrick in the IRL series), Lynn Lickel, Eric Garland, and Troy Wink who came out of retirement to race small and big block modifieds on a weekly basis.

During 1993 Tobias shifted his focus to taking photographs at local modified events, and it was not uncommon for him to travel to Big Diamond, Grandview, and Penn National, all in the same weekend. Tobias gained an interest for photography while attending races at the Reading Fairgrounds as a youth. Photography also gave him an edge, because it gave him a chance to meet many different drivers, owners, pit crew workers, as well as track officials, which in turn made him realize that there are many variables that are involved in racing, from many different angles, not just one persons perception.

In 1995 Blake and Wendy celebrated the birth of their second child, a son, who the couple aptly named, Blake Tobias Jr. During 1996 until 1999 Tobias kept up with his photography at various speedways. Then in 2000 Blake purchased a computer and started yet another phase in his journey. Tobias is self taught, never having any formal teaching of any kind that dealt with how to design, build, or maintain a web site. Over the next 5 years Blake would teach himself by trial and error the art of designing web sites. In 2005 BTM officially opened for business.  

From 2002 until 2005 Blake has served as a Crew Member, Crew Chief, and Promotions and Marketing Manager for Freddie Fisher, who raced in both the Sportsman and Modified ranks at the Big Diamond Raceway. One of the best moments of that period was watching Freddie take not only his first feature win, but his second, which made all the long hours that Blake spent away from his family during the racing months worth while. During the final two years with the team, Tobias put together and secured nights at the speedway which saw hundreds of T-shirts being handed out for free, as well as pens, hats, key chains, photos, and having Fisher's #95 modified on display inside the main entry gate at Big Diamond Raceway. His biggest marketing venture saw him finalize a deal with Big Diamond Raceway which would see the teams business become the sole sponsor of Victory Lane for a two year period.

In 2006 Tobias decided to take a break from the modified scene and decided to partner with longtime friend Joe Stoudt and purchase two slingshots. The goal was to have fun racing, while at the same time meeting new drivers, fans, and track owners, as well as officials to gain even more racing knowledge from yet another form of local dirt track racing. Team BTM had a very good season, pulling in multiple he heat wins, and numerous top five finishes at Linda's Speedway, in Jonestown PA.

In 2007, 2008, 2009, Tobias helped out longtime friend Troy Wink by building a web site for him, and also helping at Big Diamond and Grandview by working on the small block and big block modifieds. In 2009 Blake and Wendy became Grandparents, and would proudly welcome their first Grandchild, a beautiful little girl that her parents would name, Annabelle.  2010 has kept Tobias a little closer to home, as he enjoys seeing his Granddaughter every chance that he gets. In 2010 Tobias also became the promotional manager for Mike Nicholas, and Danny Nicholas, as well as for Troy Wink.  Tobias continues his Motorsports support and is proud to sponsor these drivers again in 2016, Bob Lineman Jr. (Sportsman Modified), Brad Arnold (Modified), Keith Prutzman (URC Sprint), and Amber Britto (All-Star Slingshot).





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