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If you have ever heard the expression, "the first impression is the most important", that's because it's the truth.  It's the little things, the things that most of us don't realize that will take your business, or race team to a level that is leaps and bounds above others.  Let BTM come meet with you, and we will come up with new marketing solutions that will help you achieve your goals. Marketing for a small business or a racing team is very similar. Both of them are really a business, and whether your looking to make more money as a small business owner, or take in more sponsorship money to use for your racing team, the bottom line is you have to know how to go about it in the right direction.

Just as an example please take the time to read one of the easiest first steps that can help you if your a race team owner, driver, or manager who is going out to look for potential sponsors. Area's of what you will read also apply to any small business owner.

Example:  If I had a dollar every time I have read, or heard someone talk about the lack of sponsorship money there is available from outside sources I would be rich.  The lack of understanding how important it is to present yourself, your cause, and what you will do for that potential sponsor are some of the biggest reasons most people fail in their goal of landing sponsorship funding.

Would you go to meet with Donald Trump wearing old blue jeans and an old t-shirt, then expect to have him hand over money to a person who looks like they don't care enough to as least try and make themselves look a little presentable.  I'm far from being rich, but if I was going to see a man like that, I would rent a suit if I had to, just to give me piece of mind that I was doing everything that I could to present myself as a professional.

Ok, maybe were not talking about Trump, we are talking about your local car dealership, an apparel company, an insurance agency, etc.  The same principal applies here, put on a decent pair of dress pants, a nice dress shirt, shoes, and you are already five steps ahead of the last guy who walked through the door looking like he just crawled out from under a pile of garbage.

Perfection: Just by reading that short blurb above should provide you with how in depth BTM will challenge you to look at things. There are many more steps in our marketing program, many of which will be used for both a small business owner, as well as a racing team. Finishing second best in any form of life is exactly what it says, you were one spot behind another person who went the extra distance to assure they would be number one. BTM is ready, are you ready, then what are you waiting for? Send us an email, or call us today, and lets get you on the way to being a winner, not a runner-up.





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